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Q:How to buy?
A :
  • Please select the product which you want to buy from the products page of our official website and choose the shipping method to check out.
  • Process: Join (login) as a member
    => select the product you want to buy
    => click on the shopping cart
    => confirm the product and quantity
    => enter the bonus points or discount coupon for cash
    => select the payment method
    => complete

   Mainland Hong Kong and Macau purchase process:
  • Join (Login) Member
  • Enter the mainland Hong Kong and Macau shopping webpage
  • Choose the item to buy
  • Confirm product and quantity
  • Fill in the receiving information in order
  • Enter bonus points or discount coupons for cash
  • Choose UnionPay/Credit card to checkout
  • Carry out
  • Full consumption in the whole museum, including direct mail
Q:Which material is used for the mask?
A: Customized facial masks are all made of top-notch bio-fiber mask cloth, which can absorb full of essence, and also allows the essence to penetrate deep into the skin. It is also the best mask cloth currently in conformity.

Q: How long does it take to customize?
A: The mask takes about two weeks to make. If you buy a star product, you can send it out immediately for you to enjoy immediately.
Q: Will different prices affect the choice of ingredients?
A: We divide custom masks into three levels, and the upper limit of the number of ingredients that can be selected for each level is different.
Q: How to choose the ingredients?
A: You can select the ingredients according to your preference.
Q: Where are the beauty products produced?
A: The products are all manufactured in Taiwan, and have passed the most stringent international ISO certification and SGS international inspections, which is strictly controlled for you.
Q: Can I return or exchange the goods?
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers enjoy the 7-day appreciation period (including holidays) when the product arrives. If the product is opened, used, and loses its resale value due to lack of integrity, it cannot be refunded Exchange
  • Please send the goods back within 7 days after receiving the goods
  • Customized products cannot be returned or exchanged. Please purchase before ordering
Q: What currency is the commodity denominated? Why are the prices higher in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau?
A: It is priced in TWD. 
International freight costs is included for the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and other places outside Taiwan.
Q: What is the guarantee for purchasing goods?
A: In terms of quality, in addition to adopting the most stringent international standards for certification and inspection, we also insure product liability insurance.
Q: How to use the mask?
A: Before applying the mask, you should clean your facial skin (remove makeup, wash your face) to facilitate the absorption of the mask and prevent dirt and dust from entering the pores. After cleaning the skin, use toner to moisturize the skin and then apply the mask. No need to clean again.



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